Photo Marco Studios: Blog en-us (C) Photo Marco Studios (Photo Marco Studios) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:40:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:40:00 GMT Photo Marco Studios: Blog 80 120 7 secretos para posar bien frente a una cámara....!!!    7 SECRETOS PARA POSAR BIEN FRENTE A LAS CAMARAS. 


Una buena foto tiene menos que ver con la realidad, y más que ver con cómo te posicionas frente a la cámara te voy a proporcionar un secreto bien guardado que los fotógrafos usa  para posar pero ahora úsalos y la próxima fotografía aparezca espectacular. 



   Esta raro verdad ? Si, así como lo estas leyendo presionas tu lengua contra tu paladar mientras sonríe, provocaras un alargamiento de tu cuello, esto es excelente para evitar la doble papada y/o cuellos cortos. 

0001.-0001.- 2.- CARA EN ANGULO.

    Si le pides de favor a tu amigo(a), familiar o algún desconocido en la calle evita posar de frente por que la ausencia de sombras se mirara mas ancho largo o falta de color intenta pararte de lado e inclinar tu mentón o barbilla  ligeramente hacia abajo o hacia arriba.




 El tradicional truco de la alfombra roja: gira tu cuerpo en 45 grados y usa tu mano sobre tu cadera dirigiendo este lado hacia la cámara, ubica todo tu peso sobre una solo pierna, extendiendo un pie hacia al frente.



 Esta es una pose muy casual pero a la vez elegante. Cruza tus piernas a la altura de la pantorrillas simulando caderas más delgadas y piernas mas largas Este movimiento lo puedes usar aun cuando estes sentada.

0007.-0007.- 0006.-0006.-


   Imitar las pose de quienes están a tu lado no es una buena por que  la vista fichara a la persona que maniobra mejor esa pose, así que posicionate con la naturalidad que te caracteriza. 



  Las expresiones dicen mucho y se considera la cereza en el pastel. Reir mucho externaras la imagen de rara y si estas seria demasiado fria. La solucion ? Relaja tu cara y separa tus labios para que el labio inferior se alinea con la curvatura dental. Sonreir con los ojos. 

0011.-0011.- 0012.-0012.-



  Utiliza el espejo de casa y practica varias poses que consideres es tu personalidad. En caso de copiar poses modificalas para tu persona pero la pose basica es caminar derecho, no solo proyectaras seguridad sino también lo determinante que puedes ser. 




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FALL MINI PHOTO SESSIONS 2018 Memories to keep forever

There is nothing more precious than a the look a child's face during the holidays the innocent excitement and wonder They will grow and change but the portrait never will. 

While today is still here, capture the memories and timeless spirit of childhood with a professional portrait. The image taken today will be priceless tomorrow... because nothing is harder to replace than yesterday. 

Book Now

fall-mini-session-fall-mini-session- Book Now 

These mini sessions are even perfect for the family or couple on-the-go since they only take 30 minutes ( Trust us-it's worth making the time to remember this moment !!!) Be sure to reserve as soon as you can because theses are the only dates mini session will be offered


Piedmont Park / Midtown Atlanta

Roswell Mil Park / Roswell, GA 

Lilian Web Park / Norcross, GA  

  Your investment 

   Scoop on the session itself-  Sessions are $ 200.00 and $ 50.00  is due to reserve your date and time slot. All remaining Balances is due at the time of session. Session fees are none refundable (we understand emergencies!)
 After the session, you get to choose your 10 favorite images from an online gallery then we just send them to you for download!  If you can’t pick just 10, additional digital files and printing options are available. 

If you're concerned about how your children may react in a studio environment, the gardens are a perfect choice.

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Ricardo Midtown Atlanta Headshots Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0002Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0002

At the end of March, I met up with Ricardo Ortiz in midtown Atlanta to put together some business headshots that he could use to market his portfolio.

Ricardo is a real estate agent with a bachelor’s in psychology—and a very good friend of mine. That made this session especially meaningful for me, because knowing that a friend trusts you to help them market themselves out in the world makes a big impact. In the world today, a business headshot is important for all professionals. A good business headshot gives potential clients a first impression of your business and of you as a professional. I was so pleased to be able to help Ricardo get the right professional business headshots.

I wanted to showcase Ricardo’s personality in this session, so I decided to start out with a white background to create a soft environment. I wanted to capture a harmonious feeling of his desire to help people, one that he is carrying over from his degree in psychology to his new business in real estate. 

We also made use of the city environment to create some more grounded images to showcase Ricardo’s determination and solid decision-making. The gray concrete and pavement felt like the perfect contrasting background. In fact, one of my favorite images was in the parking lot, where the white lines stood out behind him but his relaxed posture said that he builds no borders, only bridges. 

It’s a pleasure to be able to photograph Ricardo and to showcase a Hispanic entrepreneur as well. Ricardo has so much to offer the world, and I hope that the images we captured during this session will help him to market himself, connect with new clients, and strengthen his new business.

Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0003Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0003 Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0004Atlanta-headshots-Marco-Castillo_0004

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A Legacy of Love of priceless memories   Engagement portraits that reflect your love, romance, hopes and dreams will be treasured throughout your life together. With care and creativity, we bring to life portraits that meet your highest expectations. 

 We take the time to get know you, then offer ideas and techniques that help  you tell the story of this special time.

A mini session is perfect for save the date....

*30 Minutes 

*One Photographer

* 10 Digital Images for download

* Private Web Gallery

Additional images are $30 each.

The sessions are at Piedmont Park (Midtown Atlanta) big and sweet place with a nature background. We can take family photos, or a romantic couple photo.

Mini-sessions are schedule for either mornings or evenings before sunset.
We must reschedule if it rains.

Quick Tips and Tricks for your upcoming Engagement Photo Session:

1) Don’t be afraid of colors, colorful outfits make your pictures pop.

2) Bring a prop, hats, signage, sport accessory, sunglasses, anything that tells a story of who you are.

3) Makeup and hair is important, and girls don’t forget about your eyes. They are the most important factor in your portrait pictures, so eyeliner and good mascara are a must. (note: this will be a good time to do a test run with you makeup artist if possible)

4) Leave your purse behind, we need your hands free during the session. I will have an assistant there to carry around small items like car keys and such.

5) Most important “HAVE FUN” by following these simple steps you will be prepared to step in front of my lens and have your picture taken and don’t worry about a thing because we will make sure that you look fantastic!

Call Today!




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No more mugshots.... Get the look!! Atlanta Business Headshots- Gallery

You only have one chance to make a first impression

 Wheather it's for a business card, portfolio, personal website, linkedln, Facebook, Twitter or a dating site it's important today more than ever to have a strong image of yourself that effectively reflects your values and professionalism. 

MarketingFlyer-8AMarketingFlyer-8A PricingSheet-8BPricingSheet-8B



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Unlimited Talent HeadshotHeadshot Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking "I'm bored" every five minutes. How can parents and nannies keep kids entertained, active and out of trouble for an entire summer?

 The trick is to plan ahead. Brainstorm ideas for things to do now, so you don't wind up spending the entire summer watching cartoons.

So start creating your summer bucket list today. If you need inspiration, we've come up with 101 things that will keep kids happy -- and you sane.

  While some kids may have obvious talents (playing the piano or singing), other kids may think there‚Äôs nothing special they can do, but almost any child can participate in a talent show. Give them some ideas, encourage them to think creatively, and let them have at it. Remember to teach kids to be a good audience by clapping, cheering or laughing at appropriate places

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1, 2, 3 for Family Portrait

What makes a Photo Marco Studios portrait so very special?


First and most important is Marco desire to create for you a family portrait which carefully helps everyone look their very best while making a sensitive and beautiful expression of your relationships. His careful assistance with clothing, make up, hair and portrait design will have a dramatic effect on the final impact of your portrait.

Second is the Photo Marco Studios staff of highly trained professional whose only desires is to please you with a spectacular, expressive portrait. There are 21 precise steps in the creation of your family portrait, and every single step is performed by the staff  to the highest standards. This begins with meetings with you personally to discuss the "design" of your portrait, and continues with their traveling to your special location prior to the photographic session to plan the lighting and all the other important factor in the creation of a custom "Designer Portrait" for you. They love what they do, and it shows in the portraits and the service to you.

Third is their concept of "Designer Portraiture". This means that each of their images is carefully custom designed to your preferences, needs,  and desires. Your family portrait is very important to you, and they want to make in the very finest expression of your family's love and personality. No one anywhere invest as much time and effort in the planning and creation of your family portrait as the staff at Photo Marco Studios. Each and every image is original and designed for you and your family. Most of their clients display their finished portrait proudly in their home, so careful consideration is given to where and how to best present the portrait in your home's decor.

                If this sounds like something you would enjoy, call the studio today 404-320-1494 and talk to one of their portrait consultants about the possibility of having Mr. Marco  create a "Designer Family Portrait" for you yet this year

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Passport Photos. Yes, We Do.....!!!!

Passport Photo Coupons

     Passport and immigration photos can be photographed while you wait!  We have trained passport specialists who are familiar with a variety of different countries’ passport requirements.  All Passport and Immigration photos are shot on a white background (unless otherwise directed) and printed on glossy paper.

     The most common passport types are U.S. and Canadian. While we are familiar with many passport specifications, it is always helpful if you have a copy of your country’s detailed passport or immigration photo requirements   

IMG_5124 AIMG_5124 A

    We have the ability to meet most custom and international passport photo requirements. If you are unsure about your international passport specifications, please contact your country’s embassy or consulate for the latest photo requirements.
     We guarantee that our passport photos will be accepted by the passport agency or we will re-shoot them at no charge.

Canadian Passport photos that meet your needs!!

     Photo requirements for Canadian passports are substantially different from the US requirements. We take and print photos that will meet those requirements.






PLEASE NOTE: Photo Marco Studios is not an acceptance facility for passport applications; we do not issue passports. You will find instructions on the application for submitting your photo and application to the State Department in Washington D.C. Questions? You can contact the U.S Department of State at 1-877-487-2778 or visit their website at


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Fine portraiture Love and sesitivity Fine Portraiture

 Anyone with a camera and some film can "take a picture", but it takes a creative craftsman and a sensitive human being to create a portrait which helps you look your very best, and also expresses the "You" which those who love you will instantly recognize!

There are three concepts involved in creating truly fine portraiture which will be treasured for years and years.

1.- The use of light and shadow to paint and image which brings out all the good features and quietly subdues the less desirable characteristics of the subject.

2.- The use of photographic and artistic techniques to create a striking, sensitive portrait, while also designing a piece of art which you will be proud to own.

3.- It takes a warm, compassionate human being to help you feel comfortable in front of his camera. For even with items 1 and 2 above, without this important attribute, a portrait photographer can never hope to create a truly meaningful image. For most people do not feel comfortable in front of a camera, and if they are to look their best, they must feel comfortable with the portrait artist.

Photo Marco Studios 

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